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About Us

The ColdFox VR is a leading interactive virtual reality production company that has helped produce some of the India’s most successful trade names. Our strategy? We’re in the business of growing our clients’ business and to make VR as an entertainment media for people. We’re a full-service virtual reality  production company, but our work goes beyond just making this. We work with our clients to discover the technology, to grow and translate the vision into reality. Our people make a divergence and we assist our customers showcase their success in a novel manner.

Our Vision

Now, by providing young people access to a range of real life experiences through the power of Virtual Reality, it’s possible that we’ll be able to deliver our society a bit of perspective and grounded wisdom starting at a very early age. Just think of a future where it will be easy for people to experience and understand, in a manner that is more visceral than is possible with book or 2-D video, the trials and travails of life. Utilizing a layering of real time interactive environments, and blending the real world with the digital, our participants are placed into our Hyper Reality experiences. The very early days, we work hard to make these more noble use cases attractive and possible, we will change things for the better. So after years, we come full circle to the point where we can experience the “real” life again, and gain more embodied knowledge.

Our Technology

We work on virtual reality, an illusion of participation in a synthetic environment rather than external observation of such an environment. VR relies on a three-dimensional, stereoscopic head-tracker displays, hand/body tracking and binaural sound. VR is an immersive, multi-sensory experience. 360 virtual reality videos are typically entered using either a special rig of multiple cameras, or  by utilizing a dedicated virtual reality camera that contains multiple camera lenses embedded into it that enables people to deal with information more easily. VR offers a different way to consider and experience information, one that is dynamic and quick. The virtual environments are meant to supersede the real world environment with the digital one and the human senses are absorbed in the Virtual Environment.

Meet The Team

Gitish Ranjan Sharma

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Kunal Nandwana

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Marketing Director


Music Director and Composer



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Strategic Planner

Arpit Chundawat

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Managing Partner



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Sales Executive

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